Master the Art of Self-Control.

We are a traditional Taekwondo school helping people become confident and focused martial artists.

Enhance your focus
Increase your motivation
Learn self-defense

Our Taekwondo Programs


3-4 years old

This is a curriculum specifically designed for your preschool aged child, focused on developing basic motor skills and listening skills through Taekwondo.


5-12 years old

Exciting and challenging classes developed to take your student through the ranks. With consistent training, students develop determination and gain the self-confidence needed to give their best effort in anything they try.

Teens & Adults

13+ years old

Our adult classes feature activities designed to allow you to work at your own pace as your balance, strength, coordination, and endurance improve.

One free week of martial arts training.

Come train in up to 5 classes at no cost!

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Don’t leave
weakness untrained

Consistent training is shown to help individuals avoid a number of issues.

Loss of focus
No Motivation
Can’t defend yourself
Underdeveloped fitness
Lack of comaraderie

We know how difficult it can be to focus on a goal and see it through.

With over 40 years of experience, we have helped countless students achieve and maintain their physical and mental goals.

This is the best place for Taekwondo instruction. The Bares treat everyone like family. Our son loved it so much that I started my training! Great training from great people.

Donna Franklin

My son has been attending Cubs class and absolutely loves it! He asks everyday if he can go to class. The Bares family are wonderful people and do a great job with the kids. A huge "thank you" to the Bares for being such wonderful role models for my son and ensuring that he always has a great time.

Erica Blank

Our entire family absolutely loves Matt Bares TaeKwonDo. I cannot reiterate enough how much this place has boosted my son’s confidence and character. The atmosphere is kind and loving, but once they get into class, it’s all business. I promise you will not be disappointed with the Bares.

Jolene Oster

Best TaeKwonDo studio around!  Great family, great instructors, great students, great family environment!

Ashley Daugherty

How to begin your black belt journey

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Experience the art of Taekwondo
Achieve your physical and mental goals

What We Do at Bares Taekwondo Fitness

In our classes at Bares Taekwondo Fitness, we practice all the elements of Taekwondo in preparation for our belt testings held every 8 weeks. Our classes feature instructors with years of experience helping students learn, grow, and adapt to the art of Taekwondo. We have an open schedule that allows students to come any day they have a class offered, with no limit, up to 5x a week. We also have frequent events such as clinics, seminars, fun nights, award ceremonies, and tournaments. In addition to our Traditional Taekwondo programs, we also offer fitness programs such as cardio kickboxing, kickboxing sparring, and strength and conditioning.

Confident, Focused, Masterful, Be the best you.

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